Indianapolis Private Lending

Lending on investment real estate in the Indianapolis, IN area.

What I do: I offer fast, flexible real estate loans in the Indianapolis area. I lend low LTV only, with low rates and fees. I lend based on the strength of the deal so I do not require a thorough underwriting process, just some basic information and a quick walk-through of the property.

What I don’t do: I do not lend outside of the Indianapolis area. I only lend to investors – no owner occupants – no exceptions. I do not do 100% or other high LTV financing, low LTVs only (40-60%) and I base my LTVs on the property in its current condition, not its post-rehab condition.


  • Funding in as little as 48 hours from completion of title work.
  • Rates from 8-12%.
  • No points and low origination and doc fees (usually around $1,000).
  • No appraisal required.
  • Low minimum loan size (~$30,000).
  • Terms from 6-24 months.
  • Cash out refinance acceptable (no extra fees).
  • Cross collateralization (blanket loan across multiple properties) acceptable.
  • All loans are full recourse, meaning a personal guarantee is required.

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Fill out the form below to get in touch. Please include as much detail as possible in the project description field.

You can also call me at (317) 350-0173.

The address of the property or properties.
The estimated value of the property in its current condition. Note that I lend on current value only - not ARV.
The loan amount you are requesting.
A general description of the investment and the purpose of the loan (for example, borrowing against a rental occupied at $X a month in order to buy another rental for $Y). Please include as much detail as possible. Also include your real estate experience if any.